How to survive in the era of dopamine


Here the question arises of what really this name depicts; First of all, it is a neurohormone that is released by the hypothalamus. Basically, it is a neurotransmitter and it is released during moments of excitement.

Especially during the first seven seconds of smoking a cigarette, with a cup of coffee, with a bite of dark chocolate, with listening to our favorite music playlist, during intimacy, when waiting for our order of pizza, meeting with our friends, especially those who are our closed ones, by using social media applications that specifically trigger the dopamine regions of the brain.

All of these activities and things trigger the exact regions of the brain where dopamine is released.

The reaction of Dopamine/Respond Mechanism:

when dopamine is released it makes us excited and also makes other glands (adrenal, salivary, etc.) release their own hormones.

So, the whole system of our body enters the excited state and we feel a sense of pleasure that is unknown to us in a normal state.

Also, one thing should be kept in mind that it varies with each activity and specific things.

For example, a cup of coffee releases the same amount of dopamine as one stick of a cigarette.

However, their degree of damage to our bodies varies. For example, with the help of science, we come to know that cigarettes cause more harm than a cup of tea.

The same is the case with other activities and different food around us.

So, the relationship between the human body and different addiction that are prevailing in our society is totally dependent on this stimulant hormone dopamine, that is also known as a hormone of pleasure and happiness.

Mistake’s people make when it comes to neurotransmitter:

 The human body has many neurotransmitters. But we are going to consider only two of them: Dopamine and oxytocin.

Both of the hormones play the same purpose but their results are different. Let’s explain it further; dopamine is released when we do an activity that gives us excitement and oxytocin is released when we do an act of kindness.

Let say some charitable work. But the difference between these two neurotransmitters is one.

One gives us contentment and other excitement.

The latter is dangerous than the former. It is because in the excited state body tends to release the hormone which is not needed sometimes.

For instance, during smoking not only dopamine is released but also adrenal glands release adrenaline which makes us aggressive unnecessarily and increases our blood pressure.

Also due to excessive release of hormones created a hormonal imbalance in the body and with this irregularity, our body becomes dependent on such stimulants mentioned before.

And we say such a person is addicted to such things.

Conclusively the long story in short, before starting any activity or thing first discover the dependence and severity of such things for the human body and how it affects us. Also how much quantity of such things should be consumed so that we can cope with withdrawals that we face after every stimulant thing, food, and activity.

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