Lose weight efficiently and quickly with HIIT

The millennials of today find it rather difficult to find time to work out properly and pay serious attention to their health; this is quite ironic actually especially considering the kind of information and research out there that proves the importance of working out regularly.

However despite all that there are still many individuals who take their health seriously and try to make sufficient time in a day to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Experts and trainers have tried to make losing weight and maintaining an active life efficient for individuals and a new form of exercise, known as High Intensity Interval Training, has been established for individuals who don’t have a lot of time to exercise, to still get a good workout done.

As the name suggests, High Intensity Interval Training allows you to exercise at maximum intensity with short intervals.

And believe it or not, this workout will take you 30 minutes to do and you will be done with a complete workout in no time; leaving you to feel content and satisfied with the effort that you have put in.

High Intensity Interval Training is a form of anaerobic that allows you to burn sugar without the help of excessive oxygen supply.

So basically in its true form you will be working at maximum speed without having to take breaks to catch your breath.

Now before these exercises such as Yoga, running and cycling trains us to breathe as deeply as you can because that will help you eradicate the pain caused by the build-up of lactic acid in your muscles.

Anaerobic exercises such as HIIT train you to increase your endurance and pain threshold without having the need to take excessive breaks.

This helps in increasing your stamina and allows you to perform better as an athlete who is into sports such as swimming, boxing and the Mixed Martial Arts.

If you’re someone who is looking for ways to lose weight efficiently and would like to remain updated on the research regarding health and fitness then continue reading, because this article is important for you!

  1. Helps Improve Stamina

Your potential of holding your breath deeply determines the kind of athlete you are and what your health status is.

Remember if you run short of breath in the middle of any exercise or sport then your performance will be compromised.

HIIT teaches you how to go without oxygen and taking frequent breathing intervals for long periods of time.

This teaches your body to remain focused, balanced and execute well during all your activity without compromising your performance.


  1. Efficient Way of Losing Weight

We have established how HIIT will help you become a better athlete but this will also help you lose weight faster because as someone who has the ability to train for long periods of time at maximum levels will be able to devote the kind of time required for training without getting tired or exhausted.

As a person struggling to lose weight, if you continue to give in to all the pains and aches that you might feel during your workout then not only will one workout routine take too long, but this will definitely discourage you immensely from working out as well.

HIIT helps to increase your endurance and pain threshold so that you may feel motivated and encouraged to continue working out and fight through the pain.

Plus it is always a plus point to know that your workout is not going to last for more than 30 minutes!


  1. It’s Convenient

High Intensity Interval Training is also an extremely convenient way of losing weight because it helps you to work on your entire body starting from the upper body all the way to the lower.

Unlike any other form of exercise High Intensity Interval Training does not just focus on individual body parts so you don’t need to divide or decide what part of the body to work on and on what day.

It’s simple, it’s easy and it is also very convenient.


  1. Helps Increase your Metabolism

High Intensity Interval training is a kind of weight training that trains you to use your own body weight to lose fat and gain muscle.

Whenever you burn fat to gain muscle your metabolism goes up; not only just that but even after training your body continues to burn fat because it is constantly feeding energy to your muscles.

So you’re losing weight around the clock, gaining muscle weight and increasing your metabolism.


  1. Helps Reduce Chances of Heart Diseases

High Intensity Interval Training helps to protect your heart in two major ways:

  • Through Cardio: as you will start doing HIIT you will begin to realize the speed at which your heart will beat in less than two minutes of training, and that is because High Intensity Interval Training is a pure form of extensive cardio. This means your body will be burning sugars and bad cholesterol to provide energy to the body that clears out your arteries and allows an efficient circulation of blood flow.
  • Through Glycolysis: This means that your body is using minimum amounts of oxygen to help burn sugar in your body, meaning fewer intervals so you can focus on the exercise you’re doing. Research shows that exercises that help you to hold your breath for longer periods of time without gasping for air help improve your heart conditions. If you keep struggling to grasp your breath then that means your heart and lungs are not performing at optimum level. Good news for you is that as you continue to do High Intensity Interval Training your stamina will continue to get better and so will your heart!


  1. Don’t need to go to a Gym or have Gym Equipment

The pandemic has shown as our dependency on our gyms and gym equipment; however with exercises such as High Intensity Interval Training you don’t really need to worry about the availability of resources and facilities because you can just do these set of exercises at home, and with enough practice you won’t even feel the need to be supervised.

So if you are looking for ways to lose that belly fat and achieve a good healthy weight then we strongly recommend trying High Intensity Interval Training and trust us you will not regret it!

If you are suffering from any Disease or taking any kind of medicine before taking a further Step must consult with your Doctor.