This Soup Burns Fat and Removes Cellulite

It is the ideal time to begin removing a portion of the pounds you put on. As an assistance all the while, comes this delightful soup that nutritionists prescribe and guarantee that it dissolves fat and consumes off cellulite.

Shoddy, quick and scrumptious soup that consumes cellulite – would it be able to show signs of improvement?

All you require is:

  • 500 g spinach
  • 200 g leeks
  • a tablespoon of dry flavors
  • 5 dl water


Empty water into the dish and when it warms up a bit, include the leeks cut into rings. All that’s needed is a couple of minutes to cook. Include the cleaned and washed spinach or zucchini hacked into 3D squares. The spinach will be done in almost no time (let it remain with its lovely green shading). Season with salt, include the dry flavoring, and whenever wanted, you can include 2 tablespoons of olive oil or a little harsh cream, yogurt or low-fat cheddar.

From this sum, you will get over a liter of soup, which has an aggregate of just 150 calories.

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