Tips For Finding the Best Mental Health App For Yourself or a Loved One in India

best mental health apps in india

Considering the huge demand for therapists and the lengthy waiting lists that make it difficult to find a professional, using a mental health app may seem like an alluring and reasonably priced method to obtain assistance.

These apps promise to assist with a variety of problems, including addiction, insomnia, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Frequently, they do this by utilizing tools like games, therapy chatbots, or mood-tracking diaries.

Despite the fact that some are regarded as helpful and secure, others might have questionable (or nonexistent) privacy policies and a dearth of credible studies proving that the applications live up to their marketing claims.

We say it is all about perspective. If you give it a try, things will obviously work, at least to some extent.

So how can you decide whether to add one to your phone in a well-informed manner? We solicited advice from a number of professionals.

What Individuals Might Gain From a Mental Health App?

According to Dr John Torous, the director of the digital psychiatry division at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, mental health apps can generally help people learn more about how their ideas, feelings, and behaviours interact with one another.

They may also aid in the development of the abilities that patients pick up during therapy, he continued.

Because exercise can help lower anxiety and depression symptoms, Dr Stephanie Collier, the head of education in the geriatric psychiatry section at McLean Hospital, observed that mental health applications “can function nicely alongside your physical activity goals, such as step counters.”

Similar to that, she added, “apps that instruct techniques like deep breathing might be helpful to anyone feeling stress – whether stress is brought on by an anxiety disorder or just circumstances.”

How do You Decide Which One to Pick?

It has always been difficult to know which applications to recommend to patients, according to Dr Torous, a doctor who has been using apps in patient care for well over five years. You need to seriously consider how we can respect people’s diverse backgrounds, tastes, and requirements.

He went on to say that you should consider which app would be the best fit for you rather than simply choosing the “best app” or the one with the most ratings. 

The Best Way to Start Is by Typing “Best Mental Health Apps Online

We are sure you will find a zillion blogs that have at least ten to twelve app names for you to decide from. The best way is to have a look at some of the URLs and choose the ones that are the most repeated in them all.

You Can Next Have a Look at the Reviews and Ratings Online

If you wish to find the best service provider online, one of the smartest ways to get to the best one is through reviews and ratings. Once you have the actual reviews in front of you, we are sure you will know all the truth about the applications. 

Check Their Privacy Policy and Other Terms

The best mental health apps in India will have strong authentication and a tight privacy policy. You must consider downloading the apps you have shortlisted and have a look at the privacy policy along with the other terms visible to you for using the app.

What Should You Check For in a Privacy Policy For an App?

Examine the types of information it gathers, the security precautions it takes, and whether it sells it to third parties or utilises it for advertising, advised Dr Collier.

A 2019 survey found that less than half of mobile depressive applications even had privacy policies and that most privacy policies are only made available after users enter their data.

When you don’t know if or how your data is being used, it’s understandable why some individuals are hesitant to use mobile apps like these, according to the study’s primary author, Kristen O’Loughlin, a graduate research assistant at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

According to the information available and your own level of comfort with exposing personal information, choose your app, she continued.

Which Apps are Trustworthy?

Depending on who you ask, the answer to this question may vary. But every expert praised the government-developed applications for mental wellbeing, including PTSD Coach, Mindfulness Coach, and CPT Coach (for cognitive processing therapy patients working with qualified mental health professionals).

These apps are not only well-researched but also cost nothing at all.

They offer good privacy rules and promise to never disclose a customer’s personal information to a third party.

So, make sure to keep your knowledge and research at your best to choose the best mental health app, and we are sure you will be able to find what you are looking for in no time! 

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