Top 10 Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

cause of erectile dysfunction

1. Heart Disease

A healthy cardiovascular system encompassing a healthy heart and blood vessels is essential for getting and sustaining a strong erection. The blood flow is highly influenced by coronary conditions and ailments.

ED works as an indicator of underlying cardiovascular ailment. The cardiovascular ailment includes arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

2.High Cholesterol

High cholesterol level damages the blood vessels so people with high cholesterol are more prone to develop ED. The bad cholesterol causes plaque formation in the arteries and impedes blood flow. The reduced blood inflow to the penile region also causes ED.

3.Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders can influence testosterone levels as well as the oxygen level in your body. Sleep deprivation for a long time can cause serious health hazards including ED. To have a satisfying sex partners must be awakened and aware of their moments of togetherness. Sleep disorders take away the joy and pleasure of sex.

4.Low Testosterone

Low testosterone alone can not cause ED. There are many underlying health issues which along with the low testosterone can result in ED. Chronic underlying diseases like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity can amplify the influence of low testosterone. One such cardiovascular ailment causing ED is atherosclerosis, where hardening of the arteries occurs.


Depression is also a major factor contributing to ED. Sex involves emotional attachment, hormonal rush, nerves, blood supply, and brain action. A healthy Sex can not be performed without a healthy mental and emotional condition. Men going through clinical depression can barely like to be involved in lovemaking.

Studies suggest that about 35-47% of people suffering from depressions have an issue in their sex life. Recent research shows that about 61% of people going through severe clinical depression are having a sexual dysfunction. The antidepressants used by people influence the normal physiological and anatomy of sex.  The medications used to fight depression may bring ED into play in many men.

6.High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure may cause ED. Prolonging high blood pressure causes dysfunction of blood vessels and nerves supplying to the penile regions. High blood pressure is reported as one of the major causes of Erectile dysfunction.

If high blood pressure persists for long, the lining of the blood vessels gets damaged and disrupts blood inflow to the penile region. An adequate amount of blood flow is vital for the proper erection of the penis. High blood pressure also causes hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels.

High blood pressure influences normal sexual desire and becomes an obstacle in the process of ejaculation. The medications used to treat high blood pressure also impact the normal physiology of erection.

Some major causes behind high blood pressure are diabetes, renal disorder, obstructive sleep apnea, chronic renal infection, cardiovascular disease, and sedentary lifestyles. All this can indirectly cause ED in some way or another.


Diabetes is a disorder in which glucose regulation is highly disturbed. Diabetes interferes with the distribution of glucose in the body. Both children, as well as adults, can be affected by diabetes

Diabetes for a prolonged period can cause a disorder of nerves or blood vessels. Due to diabetes abnormal accumulation of glucose in the blood supply occurs. Diabetes also influences the immune system. As a result of high diabetes, healing becomes difficult. Diabetes gives rise to high blood pressure, neurotic ailments, cardiovascular ailments, and renal disorders.

A healthy nerve supply and blood supply are essential for a firm erection. Underlying diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes disturbs nerves and blood supply to the penile region and thus contribute to ED.


Obesity along with other ailments can cause erectile dysfunction. Obesity may be caused due to overeating, a sedentary lifestyle, genetic reasons, medications, metabolic disorders, psychological factors, unhealthy diet, and no physical activity.

Obesity increases the risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol, and other ailments. Obesity causes a different issue that may contribute to ED.

9.Tobacco Use

Smoking is hazardous for overall health. Smoking damages the cardiovascular system in many ways.  Smoking can directly or indirectly lead to serious ailments like cardiovascular disease, stroke, and heart attack. Smoking in association with other diseases can also lead to ED.

A firm erection requires perfect coordination of blood supply, nerve supply, hormone regulation, and brain signals. Smoking disturbs the normal blood supply to the penile region. Smoking can cause ED complications in younger men also.


Alcohol acts as a depressant and it can significantly influence the sex life. Alcohol dilutes the urge of passionate lovemaking. Alcohol interferes with certain centers in the brain due to which the nervous system also gets hampers.

Sex is the coordination of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and endocrine system of the body. To be playful and satisfying in sex you should be fully awake and aware of the moment you are in. High alcohol consumption blurs the whole experience and kills the entire excitement of sex.

Alcohol messed up a couple of things within the body linked to ED. Alcohol delays ejaculation & decreases blood supply to the penile region.

The cause of ED may be physical or psychological.

The treatment of ED depends greatly on the type of ED.

The treatment available for ED includes Alprostadil injection, ED pumps, Alprostadil suppository, talk therapy,  Oral ED pills, Penile Implants, ED Vacuum Devices, Surgery, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, and stem cell therapy.

Cenforce, Levitra, fildena, Stendra, Kamagra, Cialis, Viagra,  Staxyn, and vitalistic are oral medications that cure the symptoms of erectile dysfunction by boosting the release of nitric oxide. This nitric oxide relaxes the muscles associated with the penis. Oral ED pills are widely accepted by men all over the globe.

Cenforce  is a revolutionary oral medication used to treat ED. The major active ingredient present in Cenforce 100mg is sildenafil citrate.

The route of administration of the medication is oral. Cenforce is available in different strengths or powers. Cenforce 150mg is available in the tablet dosage form.

Cenforce  functions by enhancing the production of cGMP within the body. cGMP helps to relax the smooth muscles located along with the penis. Cenforce 100mg can function only in the presence of strong sexual arousal.

Sildenafil citrate present in cenforce is responsible for the dilatation of the blood vessels associated with a penis. Due to the widening of the blood vessels, an adequate amount of blood reaches the penis. A sufficient amount of blood supply is required for a harder erection.

The influence of the cenforce persists for about 4-7 hours. You shouldn’t grind or crush the tablet before use. You should consume cenforce for at least 30 minutes before engaging in physical intimacy.

The side effects of cenforce include blurred vision, stomach upset, headache, difficulty in colour differentiation, sensitivity to light, dizziness, and flushing.

You should obey all the precautions, warnings, and dosage instructions as provided by your doctor.  You should immediately consult your doctor if you encounter any side effects. You can get cenforce 100mg from both online and offline pharmacies.

 If you are suffering from any disease or taking any kind of medicine before taking a further Step must consult with your Doctor. 

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