Where to Start Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training?


If you are looking forward to becoming a yin yoga teacher, you must choose your yin yoga school or teacher wisely. This is because not all the schools and ashrams offering online yin yoga teacher training are legitimate, or have the amount of experience required.

To avoid any kind of issues during your training as a yin yoga teacher. And after that, you must choose a yin yoga ashram that offers online certification after the course completion. 

You should also check if your school is registered with international yoga associations or not. If it is associated, then your certificate will be valid for many local and small yoga alliances as well. But if it is not, you will not be able to join the exclusive membership of yoga associations on a local or international level.

For that reason, it is very important to select a yoga teacher that is not only experienced but also has the required acknowledgments and acclaims. If it has, then you should join it otherwise you should choose anyone else who has. 

But before continuing on this discussion about yin yoga teacher training online ashrams, let us learn what is yin yoga? And how is it different?

What Is Yin Yoga? How It is Different?

Yin Yoga is a style of yoga practice, in which the practitioner slowly moves its body. During an entire session, four to six poses are done in total. This slow practice of yin yoga makes it easier for the students and the teachers to learn multiple ways to get into a pose.

Not only this, but it also has its different theoretical knowledge. This knowledge combined with the practices is known as Yin Yoga and for a person to become a Yin Yoga teacher, it is very important to keep both aspects in mind. 

It is different from all other types of yoga because it involves a different type of movement, a different type of psychology and philosophy. It helps a person create and obtain focus in his daily life. It also helps a person to reach the level of perfection in their daily routine and helps them avoid mistakes.

The theory of Yin yoga touches multiple sub-topics that are mostly related to the philosophy of yoga. Below is a list of a few international online yoga schools that one can join to learn about Yin yoga teacher training online. 

Arhanta Yoga Ashram:

Arhanta Yoga Ashram teaches students from across the world about different types of yoga styles and their practices. It is an international organization and ashram working both online and offline in multiple cities across the world.

Arhanta Yoga Ashram offers online Yin Yoga sessions and teacher training courses that people can join and get certified in as a teacher. Most of these courses are of 30 to 50 hours but some can also be of 100 hours long.

From these lessons, teachers learn how to perform Yin yoga, what are its philosophy and theory? Also, they learn about common mistakes other practitioners make so that they can rectify them. It is one of the best online Yin yoga teacher training

Online Yoga Ashram:

Online Yoga Ashram is an online internet-based website and ashram that teaches people who want to learn Yin yoga. Online Yoga Ashram offers small and medium courses to people who want online Yin yoga teacher training.

At the end of the session, every participant is awarded a certificate that allows them to teach yin yoga to others. This certificate is acclaimed and acknowledged by almost all of the international and local yoga associations.

This is because Online Yoga Ashram is associated with many international yoga bodies. So, students who complete the course can get certification and then can join any association they want. 

Sampoorna Yoga Ashram:

The Sampoorna Yoga Ashram is one of the biggest internet-based Yin yoga teacher training institutes. Students can join online sessions of Sampoorna Yoga Ashram for not only Yin yoga but also for multiple other courses that they offer.

Sampoorna Yoga Ashram also offers certifications and specific Yin yoga teacher training courses as well. As it is one of the internationally acclaimed yoga ashrams, it is also associated with many international yoga associations.

Students with Sampoorna Yoga Ashram’s Yin yoga certification would be able to join international and local yoga associations. This will help them start their career as a yoga teacher. 

Shanti Atma Yoga Ashram:

The Shanti Atma Yoga Ashram is also internet-based. They offer multiple courses including the Yin yoga teacher training program as well. Students from across the world can join their online sessions. It is very easy to register on their website and enroll yourself in. 

Once a student enrolls itself, it can start receiving online sessions and learn the Yin yoga teacher training course, and complete certification to become a Yin yoga teacher.

The Shanti Atma Yoga Ashram offers a certification that is valid worldwide to teach Yin yoga. You can also join local or international yoga alliances based on that certification. 

Summers School of Yin Yoga:

Summers School of Yin Yoga is an online Yin yoga school. It is also one of the best online yoga teacher training that specializes in teaching yin yoga. The Summers School of Yin Yoga also offers online courses and training.

Once that completes, students are rewarded with certifications that make them legitimate yin yoga teachers. Their certification is valid worldwide and you can teach yoga anywhere in the world.


After the completion of Yin yoga teacher training, the students can teach yin yoga to other people as a yin yoga teacher. This certification and training are online and are very important to complete. Because without this, it would be hard to get the trust of your students. Also, to join any yoga alliance, they require one or more certifications from any prestigious yoga alliance or school. So, it is very important that you choose the right yoga school and ashram to learn about yoga. 

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