8 Daily Exercises to Stay Fit

8 Exercises daily to Stay Fit

With these 8 daily exercises to stay fit program, if you perform regularly, you are not far from a fit and healthy body.

Did you know that just 20-30 minutes of workout daily can increase life expectancy by 3 years?

There are studies and research that show how a 30 min workout in the morning affects your everyday mood and energy. The productivity increases because when you exercise you are awakening the muscles to use the energy stored.

And this is the reason when we don’t exercise; our energy not used is stored in what you know as belly fat. Extra fat on the body is not only an indication of diseases and is also an alert for normal functioning.

Get easy on your body with some exercise daily. The exercise you do today will help you tomorrow.

A 30 min workout is essential even if you are a teenager, adult, or an old person. Time and types of exercises can vary for each. But here I am listing some of the common exercises that when performed regularly leads to a fit and energetic body


Jumping squats or simple squats, daily 2 to 3 sets will help you activate the major muscles in the lower body. Glute muscles are also affected, making your buttocks strong and curve if you have flat hips from sitting long hours.

To perform squats, first get a warm-up of 20 to 30 seconds. For a beginner  2 sets of 15 reps are sufficient. Those at the intermediate or advanced level can add up weights or use bands to perform high-intensity workouts.


Plank is a stability and core exercise. As we are on a way to set daily exercises to stay fit, you should include those that enhance the strength of every body part.

Plank focuses on abdominal strength and building belly shape. Holding for 2 to 3 minutes daily is a great way to test your core strength.

Variations have been added from side plank to half plank, as a beginner you can limit to simple plank positions resting on elbows with back straight. Later on, advanced training can include weights on the back.


Sprint is essential for overall leg health. Our sedentary lifestyle restricts our leg activity. In turn, what happens is blood flow in the legs slows down resulting in major leg injuries.

Short distance running with high energy creates movement in the legs ensuring proper circulation in the lower body. Running on a treadmill is a boring and easy task.

But sprinting is something that requires a lot of effort, strength and boosts metabolism and fat-burning hormone. Sprint is also considered best for those looking for building abs.

These are exercises that are as easy to know but require that natural strength to perform.

Push up

Push up has achieved great excellence in men’s workouts. But women cannot simply resist this powerful exercise that tones up every muscle in the body.

Push-ups is a compound exercise targeting multiple muscles from biceps, triceps, shoulder, hands, and core. But the main reason to include it in our daily exercises to Stay Fit is to build upper body strength especially shoulders and back.

The more the muscles are involved in making movement the more levels of HGH human growth hormone are released. You have no option to resist this strength and muscle-building exercise.

10 to 20 push up for a beginner to start with are recommended


Pull-ups are a must. This exercise is not only limited to your gym needs but essential if you have an outdoor interest.

Hikers, swimmers, sportspersons, climbers need grip strength. Pull-ups are a natural way to build grip strength which you can use outside the gym as well.

By just lifting your body you can target multiple muscles. The way you hold the bar targets different muscles at every point.

Although pull-ups are a back-building exercise if you have aimed for v shape, you are not far from your goal. By doing every day, 5 to 8 pull-ups as a beginner is a great way to start with.


Again lower body strength is as important as upper body strength. Legs and glutes are affected a lot from sitting.

Lunges are a great way to activate the glute muscles. Not only does lunges strength lower body, tissues, and buttocks it also helps in stability and coordination.

The hard without now will make it easy for legs further. It reduces the chances of leg injuries and muscle strokes. It’s important to perform lunges with proper posture.


Crunches are the finest fitness exercise for abdominal muscles. Purely targeting the core, it helps to shed extra kilos on your belly. It means that it helps to burn belly fat easily.

10 minutes of daily crunches burn about 50-60 calories. Stabilizing the stomach metabolism crunches prevents constipation by triggering the bowel movement.

Healthy body functioning goes well with 10 to 15 crunches daily. The Worldzfeed platform is dedicated to providing lifestyle health and fitness guides to visitors.

Hip bridges

Maintaining a great posture is difficult when you are sitting all day. Hip bridges the name for hip muscle exercises.

It not only increases hip movement but improves lower back health. There are fewer chances of flat butt and slouching back. Incorporate the daily 30-40 minutes workout to stay fit and healthy.

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