Are Fitness Trackers Worth It?


If you are into technology, you must have seen people enraging about their new investment in health i.e. their fitness tracker.

Since the first introduction of the fitness tracker back in 2009, fitness bands and trackers are becoming one of the essential gadgets for every fitness enthusiast.

We have seen people endorsing these trackers and their newer versions like they are going to cure some disease in the future. These little gadgets have slowly replaced the traditional watches and they are off to replacing other gadgets as well.

Some people love them, others think it is a waste of time but we can all agree fitness trackers are becoming essentials for almost every fitness enthusiast.

If you ask a fitness enthusiast about the importance of fitness gadgets they will not just offer a simple suggestion, instead, they will be willing to write a whole book about it.

From the weight to how many steps you have walked today, these fitness trackers will measure everything including your blood oxygen level and your body temperature.

Considering the COVID these important features have played a very important role in the health industry but considering the price, we need to know if they are worth your investment.

With the help of this article, we will be able to explore some of the benefits that you will be able to avail yourself of with your fitness tracker. Apart from this, you will also be able to know in detail what a fitness tracker can do for you.

For the people who want to invest in the fitness tracker, we have also listed down the reason you need to invest or avoid the bandwagon of investing in the fitness tracker.  

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What A Fitness Tracker Will Do For You?

We all know what features a fitness tracker offers. However, most of these features depend on the brand you buy or the model.

For the recent models, you will be able to get more features but if you don’t want to spend too much money you might be depriving yourself of some of the best features you might find in your fitness tracker.

Some of the features that are offered include:

Step Counter

This feature helps you count the steps so if you are running and want to calculate the average steps you walk according to time, this feature will help you a lot. Depending on the brand, you will also be able to measure the steps along with the direction of the walk.

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Activity Tracker

Exercise is not all about running and walking which is the reason some brands offer complete body activity trackers. You will be able to track cardio, running, cycling, and other exercises as well. All the data can be entered manually or the tracker can pick up the signals as it goes.


Complete Vital Tracker

The tracker will be able to measure the vitals including the heart rate, oxygen level, blood pressure, sweating, body temperature, etc. all these details are especially important because they will help you track all details if you get sick.

Sleep Cycle Tracker

The sleep cycle is one of the most important features because most people report that they are unable to sleep or have insomnia. With the help of this tracker, your band can see if your body has experienced light or deep sleep which means it can see if you have rested well.

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Calorie Counter

As someone who likes to see what he is eating and how much food is required for him to function properly, a calorie counter is very important. This will help you see if you should eat more or less and if your food requirement is appropriate.

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Why Should You Buy It?

Most people do not understand why they should buy it which is the reason we have listed some of the best reasons:

  • This helps you get a complete overview of your health which will further assist you in seeking professional help
  • Trackers help you gather data throughout your outline and this can be used later when reporting the illness
  • Tracker helps you motivate yourself by helping you see the numbers that otherwise might have not been affected
  • The tracker also helps with tracking the fitness progress especially if you want to know how much you have improved over time.
  • Tracker is good for seeing if your body is perfuming properly, this is a good feature for people who want to track their health considering the pandemic.

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Why do People think it’s not worth it?

Fitness trackers are considered a fad by most people because it all depends on the brand. Depending on the money you invest and the brand you choose you will be able to get accuracy.

Apart from this, most people get obsessed with a number which means in some cases it will all be able to be numbered and not about actual health.

Since the accuracy is not 100% there is a high chance that you might be wasting your time and money and you will not be getting anything productive out of it? This happens in most cases when people do not update their trackers.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, unless you are not going to update your tracker every time the brand launches a new tracker, it is not worth it. However, if you just want motivation, you can buy anyone you want.